rebeccaThere has never been a doubt in Rebecca Turley’s mind that one day she would realize her lifelong ambition of designing, producing, and marketing her own clothing label.

Rebecca, an Arizona native, and the owner/designer of Nostalgic Boutique, began sketching out her ideas while still in grammar school. Under the expert tutelage of her dearest family matriarchs, Rebecca learned to sew, and was wearing her own creations by the time she was twelve years old.

In the ensuing years after high school, Rebecca half-heartedly pursued an education in the various subjects generally deemed by those around her as ‘practical’, but her heart had never belonged to anything apart from fashion and design. At the age of 24, Rebecca set off to the beautiful coastal city of San Francisco, where, bolstered by a modest scholarship, she enrolled at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

After two and a half years of diligent study, while working full-time to support herself, Rebecca received her Fashion Design degree, and soon was well on her way to making her ambition a reality!

Being in the possession of a strong entrepreneurial spirit that she no doubt inherited from her father (a successful AZ business owner), Rebecca remained in San Francisco for a time after her graduation, intent on learning the ‘business’ side of the fashion industry. To this end, she took employment at various manufacturers, where she enjoyed a successful career in both sales and design capacities.

Once Rebecca had acquired what she felt to be the requisite skills, she decamped back to Arizona to be near her family, and in 2008 founded Nostalgic Boutique.

The ensuing time has been an exciting whirlwind of activity for Rebecca and Nostalgic Boutique, most recently culminating in a Scottsdale Fashion Week Designer of the Year, where her designs shared the stage with notable designers: Kevan Hall, Katherine Kidd and Luca Luca. This distinction earned her a great deal of positive press, such as a live segment she did on the local Fox affiliate, as well as write-ups in various local newspapers and magazines.

Buoyed by her recent accolades, Rebecca is in the process of taking her fledgling business to the next level, marketing the Nostalgic Boutique clothing line world-wide to women who have a true sense of their individual style and a keen eye for impeccable quality and unique detailing.